Ovation Personal

Ovation Personal is your partner for recruitment, staff retention, HR management, organisational development and employee training. Our successful team can draw on a large pool of applicants at any time and thus offer prompt and optimal personnel solutions. We recruit specialists and executives on a permanent basis especially for your company.

Human resources management

„Human capital“, in other words the production factor work, is one of the most important success factors of a company. This includes the knowledge, skills and motivation of every employee. In order to make optimum use of this important resource, companies need a targeted strategy.

The contents of such a strategy can be:

  • Planning of personnel requirements and recruitment,
  • a customized personnel selection, as well as a future-oriented personnel development,
  • development of communication strategies (personnel marketing), as well as employer branding.

We advise you on how to develop and implement the right strategy for your company. We are happy to advise and accompany you on your way to sustainably developing, retaining and securing your personnel.

The personal and work-related development of employees is still seen in some, although now few companies  exclusively from the perspective of the pure cost center. A short-sighted view, because also the professional satisfaction of your employees has enormous effects on your company, because happy employees:

  • are more committed,
  • are more motivated,
  • are more creative and efficient, as well as
  • increase the image of your company.

Employee training, coaching and further education should be seen as a valuable investment in a profitable asset investment, from which not only the company benefits. Because the further training of the workforce usually always pays off – a clear win-win situation!

We can carry out the individual training and coaching for you, with you, internally or externally.

  • job application training
  • sales trainings
  • personnel and business coaching
  • communication trainings for groups, executives, students, pupils
  • teambuilding and supervision
Staff placement

Innovative and comprehensive personnel solutions.

  • Target-oriented provision of qualified employees without long lead times.
  • We provide qualified support personnel for projects,
  • We bring together employers looking for employees and job seekers to conclude an employment contract
  • Search and selection of qualified and often highly specialised experts and managers on behalf of companies
  • Improvement of organizational performance to achieve the strategic goals of the company
  • Improving the quality of working life for your employees
  • Recruiting workers in qualitative, quantitative, temporal and spatial terms

We know how much work it can be to find qualified specialists and managers in addition to all tasks. In order to save you time and nerves, we place highly qualified specialists and managers with different skills, experiences and positions.

As managers and specialists are crucial for the success of your company, we support you in finding suitable applicants.

With direct placement, Ovation Personal selects your future employee according to a precise profile of requirements.

In the end, you and the applicant should be satisfied at the same time and look forward to a successful cooperation.

Organizational development

Corporate culture and organizational structure are closely linked. Therefore, constantly questioning oneself as a company, rearranging processes and absorbing new impulses is extremely important.

We help you to optimally coordinate processes and conditions. In addition, we work with you to develop concepts and methods to achieve and maintain the desired state.

The result is that

  • the efficiency of the organisation is increased,
  • members of the organisation develop and unfold more freely, and
  • the quality of working life is improved for all those involved.

The planned and systematic change, which we develop together with you on the basis of previous structural analyses and surveys, takes place with the involvement of all important stakeholders within your company. This means that the management as well as the executives and employees are actively involved in the process.

The Recruiting Process

  • Exchange with decision-makers
  • Getting to know the company
  • Establishing the candidate profiles
  • Search strategy process
  • Active sourcing
  • Long list
  • Short list
  • Candidate selection
  • Personal conversations / Phone interviews
  • Competence analysis
  • Review of references
  • Job interviews
  • Support during contract negotiations
  • Attendance during contract conclusion
  • Support during onboarding processes
  • Sustainable career guidance

We simplify your recruiting process

Ovation Personal helps you keep track of a large number of applicants and find the right personnel for the vacancy. Together with you, we will determine the necessary qualifications in advance and determine when and where the new personnel is needed.

Your advantages:

  • Flexible and customized HR solutions
  • Takeover of the complete recruiting process
  • High time and cost savings
  • Discretion and protection of your external anonymity
  • Realization of your request in a efficient way.

For applicants

Are you looking for new challenges and exciting projects?

Ovation Personal works together with well-known companies and can mediate the contact between you and these companies. We create a meaningful candidate profile for you and search for companies and projects that match your qualifications.

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.