Ovation Fiber

Network design / civil engineering

In order to establish a communication network, methods of conventional as well as special foundation engineering are indispensable. Our specialists are equipped with the latest technical equipment and have the necessary know-how to carry out individual projects professionally and on time while maintaining high quality. Our individual specialist departments work closely together to guarantee a smooth process.
The maximum bandwidth for the customer can only be increased by reducing the copper content along the entire cable route. We use the so-called „FTTx connection technology“, because it follows exactly this approach by bringing the optical fibre closer to the customer than before.

  • FTTX expansion
  • Power and control cable laying
  • Installation of active hardware and distribution housings for fiber optic, copper and coaxial technology
Blow-in and splicing

We see ourselves not only as specialists for individual network solutions, but also act between the various work processes.
We offer the blowing in and drawing in of empty conduits, copper and coaxial cables and fibre optic cables.

  • Pulling in fiber optic and copper cables by hand
  • Pulling in fiber optic and copper cables with cable pulling winches
  • Blowing in of fiber optic and copper cables by means of mini, micro and superjet
  • Blowing in of fiber optic, coaxial and copper cables over distances up to 3km
  • Blowing in of speed pipe/ micro pipe, as well as coax cables of any kind
  • Blowing in of micro and mini cables
  • Documentation of laying, drawing in and blow-in protocols

An advantage of glass fibres as optical fibres is their insensitivity to electrical and magnetic interference fields. The Ovation Fiber specialists locate and eliminate them. Our trained staff uses high-quality measurement technology to quickly restore the full performance of the network.

  • DOCSIS, G-PON, PMD and red-light measurements
  • Attenuation measurement on fiber optic cables (OTDR)
  • Bandwidth measurement
  • Termination of fiber optic and coaxial technology at terminals, HVT and servers
  • Switching on new and existing networks during operation
  • Updating and implementation of software
  • PoP and network distribution tests
Building network solutions

Internet applications and services require more and more bandwidth and higher availability in industrial and corporate networks. We offer significant solutions for building cabling and network technology up to the existing infrastructure.

  • laying, drawing in, blowing in glass fibre indoor
  • delivery, splicing and installation of fiber optic systems
  • cable assembly work (splice, closure and distribution technology)
  • installation work on house distributors
  • troubleshooting, rectification and documentation of measurement results
  • maintenance and replacement of active and passive technique