CM - Company Management

The new CM from ovaSOFT – the product brand of the Ovation AG – is a sophisticated business software. Due to its modular structure, ovaSOFT’s CM is a powerful and cost-effective solution for all companies that meet the latest requirements. With this system, you can improve the processes in your company, optimize workflows and reduce error rates.

One software – three modules
The CM by ovaSOFT comes in three independent modules:

  • HRM – Human Resource Management for a holistic human resource management
  • HRA – Human Resource Agency for efficient personnel placement
  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management for comprehensive customer management

All modules are exclusively available as full version and can be combined with each other.

HRM Human Resources Management

The HRM tool of ovaSOFT’s CM system contributes to the optimization of workflows in the HR department and to the transparency of HR processes. The software supports HR processes in planning, recruitment, HR development, support, organization and documentation. The digital personnel files is the heart of the software. It provides all the information you need about your employees with a single click.

HRA Personnel placement

ovaSOFT’s placement software covers employee administration, applicant management, vacancy management and all tasks and processes in these areas. This makes the search and placement of suitable candidates easier for you.

CRM Customer Management

ovaSoft’s CRM tool enables companies to strengthen and improve relationships with customers, service users, colleagues, partners and suppliers. Building good relationships, tracking prospects and customers is critical to customer acquisition and retention – and that is the essential function of CRM. Everything is displayed in one place: in a simple, customizable dashboard that lets you see a customer’s history with your company, the status of their orders, any outstanding customer service issues, and more.

One software - three modules

The  CM by ovaSOFT comes in three independent modules. All modules are exclusively available as full version and can be combined with each other.

HRM Human Resources Management

Motivate and lead employees successfully

HRA Personnel placement

Keep the overview and place effectively

CRM Customer Management

Active prospects – and customer administration

What makes ovaSOFT so unique?

Everything at a glance

  • Keep track of all the relevant data


  • Manage your business from everywhere

Software that grows with you.

  • Solutions for large, medium and small, fast-growing companies.

Single system

  • One system for your business

Always up to date

  • We guarantee regular updates

Time and cost-efficient

  • Workflows and processes are simplified and automated.

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