Ovation IKT

Ovation IKT is a division of Ovation PLC and has specialized for more than 25 years in optimizing business processes through customer-specific solutions. Our customers and partners include well-known companies in the telecommunications, information technology, mechanical engineering, medical technology, banking, insurance and automotive industries.

Project management

Ovation IKT specializes in services, consulting and qualification in all areas of professional project management for medium-sized and large companies as well as public authorities. We offer expertise in the areas of consulting, planning, development and execution of projects up to the implementation of new technologies. We see ourselves as problem solvers and support customers in every phase of the project. Our certified employees work for our customers across Germany.

Engineering services

Our engineering services are characterized by the highest quality, economic efficiency and individuality. Since 1990 it has been our strength to make our technical knowledge available to partners and customers.We serve customers from ICT industry as well as from the construction industry, the public sector and related industries. Integrated into existing teams, our specialists complete the competences and successfully carry out projects in a technical environment using tried and tested methods.


Process management

Processes, i.e. a recurring sequence of work steps, is an important success factor in companies. Regardless of whether it is a leading, executive or advisory process role: our specialists analyze existing communication solutions and processes, point out possible solutions, develop concepts, give needs-based recommendations and implement the customers‘ wishes successfully.


From conception to implementation – rollout from a single source. Digitization and internationalization take hardware and software rollouts to a new level. This increases the demands on process and project management enormously. Ovation IKT supports not only efficient planning and communication, but also a smooth go-live. Our rollout managers take over the entire rollout or provide targeted and quality-conscious support in sub-areas.

Software development

Not all standard solutions that are available on the market meet the individual requirements of companies. That is why we offer software solutions, interface development and app solutions in order to maintain and optimize the individual ability to act. We develop web applications, business applications, mobile apps and databases. Our experienced software developers use current and proven software technologies, methods and process models.

  • Java, Groovy, C#, PHP, JavaScript, Python
  • Spring-Boot, Laravel, Grails, LibGDX, Hibernate, JPA
  • Angular, NodeJS, TypeScript, JQuery
  • MySQL, MS-SQL, NoSQL (MongoDB, Redis)
  • Cordova, Ionic
  • Individual software development for all industries and business areas
  • Complex web applications and services
  • Mobile App Development
  • Application programs for desktop client-server applications
  • CMS, Web Portals, Shops, Ad Servers, User Tracking, Process Modelling Software