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Complex services of the
Ovation AG
Benchmark for the future

Complex services of the
Ovation AG
Benchmark for the future


Ovation PLC is a technology service provider operating throughout Europe in the fields of IT, engineering, telecommunications, software development and personnel placement based in Erfurt, Germany.  Ovation’s core strength lies in providing customized and innovative complex services for medium-sized businesses, large corporations and public sector organizations. Through a multitude of strategic partnerships, we provide excellent conditions for know-how transfer and the exploitation of synergy potential. The success of Ovation PLC is based on the diversity of highly qualified employees, engineers, computer scientists and technicians.

We develop complex software solutions within our copyrighted product brand ovaSOFT. The focus is on replacing traditional systems with modular software that efficiently links fast databases with high-resolution interfaces and graphics. Our customer-oriented software solutions can be used in all industries and can be easily and cost-effectively integrated into existing systems or simply replaced.


Ovation consists of five independently operating departments that mesh together like gear wheels:

– Ovation IKT
– Ovation Netcom
– Ovation Personal
– Ovation Fiber
– ovaSOFT

Foundation and expansion phase (1990 – 2015)

Development (structuring) and expansion (2016 – 2019)

Merger into Ovation PLC (2019)

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