ovaSOFT Spanish – worldwide use of HRM

ovaSOFT Spanish is ready to use! For the ongoing internationalization of our HRM software from ovaSOFT, it was time to implement other languages ​​in addition to English. Within a very short time, our international team has successfully translated our comprehensive HR solution into Spanish.

This not only makes international HR work easier, but also optimizes self-service for every employee. Each employee can change the language individually in their dashboard.

ovaSOFT Spanish
ovaSOFT – multilingualism: easily change in your own dashboard

ovaSOFT for Spanish-speaking countries

In addition to Spain, nothing stands in the way of a deployment in Latin America. Thanks to the integrated company management of ovaSOFT, subsidiaries or branches can be set up and managed in any country. Employees can then use the software in their preferred language.

Internationalization and remote work

This not only supports employees, but also makes it easier to work across time zones, as all HR processes can be handled centrally. The internationalization of ovaSOFT does not end here. Other languages ​​will follow.